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  • Enterprise NotifierMarXtar developed solution for Mission Critical and Audited Communication to End Users and Devices Without Reliance on Email...
  • Wake-On-WANMarXtar developed solution extends Wake-On-LAN functionality beyond the confines of the local subnet for times when what you can't see CAN hurt you...
  • SWImageEmbrace operating system deployments with SWImage. Zero User Downtime, Zero Data Loss, Zero-Touch. Only SWImage can do this...
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MarXtar Enterprise Notifier

Mission Critical & Audited Communication
to Users and Devices Without Reliance on Email

Email is a great communication tool but every day your users get so many emails that important ones simply don't get seen in a timely manner and in some cases not at all.

Whether you are an IT Department, Facilities Management, Finance, or any other kind of department with regular communication needs, you need to get your messages out in a clear, concise, and auditable manner. For this you need MarXtar Enterprise Notifier.

When Sending an Email to Inform Users
Email is Down Probably isn't the Best Option


  • Major Incidents-Service Outages/Updates/Restorations

It's poor service if your users only find out about a service outage when they contact you after already being affected by the issue.

Rapidly notify your service subscribers of upcoming works or service outages to improve perception of your department and to avoid heavy loads on the desk at the time when you need all hands on deck. If they know you are working on it then you don't have to handle the calls they make to report it.

  • Enterprise Wide Critical Alert System

      • RunFightHide

      Severe Weather Alerts

      Intruder Campus/Building Lockdown Warnings

      Critical Service Outages


      When Time is of the Essence and Safety is Paramount, Enterprise Notifier lets you place a message onto every target user's screen within seconds across the whole of your environment.

      User or Group Targeting

      Target devices or Users, even if those users are on shared devices without disturbing those that shouldn't receive the messages.

      • Leverage Active Directory, Ivanti & SCCM Groups/Queries

      As well as a powerful built-in targeting structure, Enterprise Notifier lets you make use of existing targeting mechanisms within your directory or existing Systems Management solution.

Service Desk Integration Points

A powerful integration mechanism allows for messages to be triggered by service desks including (but not limited to) Ivanti Service Desk (LDSD) and Ivanti Service Management (HEAT).

Supports VDI, and Terminal Services

Users connected via virtual sessions such as Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Services can be presented commincations specifically for them without impacting users in other sessions.

Simple to Use - Not Just a Tool for IT

Designed so that those that need to communicate can do so without the need to understand everything behind the scenes. Enterprise Notifier is not just a tool for I.T. it is a solution for the whole Enterprise.


Quality And Integrity in All That We Do.

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