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  • Wake-On-WANMarXtar developed solution extends Wake-On-LAN functionality beyond the confines of the local subnet for times when what you can't see CAN hurt you...
  • SWImageEmbrace operating system deployments with SWImage. Zero User Downtime, Zero Data Loss, Zero-Touch. Only SWImage can do this...
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MarXtar State Management

"To Plan for Our Future
We Need the Knowledge of Our Present
Given Context by Our Past"

Knowledge about your environment is important to making the most effective use of your resources, supporting the business, and making plans using up to date information. State Management was designed to give a real time and historical view of the usage patterns within the IT estate. Rather than relying on snapshot information from the more usual inventory/asset scanning products, State Management updates your data real time so that any view is a current view of your estate.

MarXtar Software Technologies are designed to deliver benefits across your environment either in Stand-Alone Mode or by enhancing your existing investments in other vendor technologies such as Microsoft SCCM or Ivanti Service Desk & Management Suite.

Device & User Session Monitoring

Historical Audit Trail demonstrating when devices were in use and who was using them at the time. Know what devices a user has been on across any period of time.

Accurately Measure Efficient Usage of Expensive Assets

The fact that a device is switched on does not necessarily mean it is effectively being used. Especially beneficial for hot-deksing or shared system environments such as Universities, you can now tell if the assets in a location are sufficient for your needs. Don't buy more equipment just because someone asks, find out if it is needed and reallocate from where it isn't.

Real-Time & Historical Process Monitoring

Now you can choose any processes that are important to your business or that you need to analyse the usage of and map this both real time and historically.

Moving Toward Citrix or Other Thin Environment?

Now you can see the actual usage levels for your applications, including peak concurrency and peak loads.

Planning Service Maintenance?

Understand lowest levels of utilisation to minimise the impact of service maintenance Clear visibility of when scheduled activities take place to allow distribution analysis

Understand Actual License Utilisation on Shared Applications/Servers

Licenses aren't cheap so knowing how many people are actually using an application rather than just how many have access to it can help in concurrent licence monitoring and also in more accurate assessment of licensing requirements.

Direct Access to Remote Support Tools

Enable the Service Desk to provide immediate support with access to critical tools such as system configuration data, Remote Control or even direct Software Delivery to Increase First Call Incident Resolution.

System, User & Service Live Alerting

Need to know when a device or group of devices goes offline? Need to know when a user leaves or returns to their desk? State Management allows alerts to be sent to individuals, groups, or even email to inform you when a device or user session enters a defined state. Now you can get hold of someone when they return to their desk rather than constantly chasing them.

Power Efficiency & Policy Planning

Do you need power policies? Or if you have policies, are they being effectively followed or enforced? State Management lets you see on/sleeping/offline devices at any point in time or a trend over time to both plan and assess need & impact. Prove the effectiveness of Power Management policies by demonstrating the actual impact on device behaviours over extended periods of time.

System Availability & Usage Analysis

Running Hot Desks and find it hard to work out where you have available systems? With real time data this is simple. Each system you have is an expensive resource, so knowing how much they are being used (or not used) allows you to more efficiently make use of these costly resources.

Real-Time Subnet Reporting & Representative Selection

Especially important if you are trying to perform remote wake-up of devices (Wake-On-WAN), State Management automatically maintains visibility of each remote subnet state as well as dynamically selecting and maintaining a configurable number of subnet representatives. State Management Representatives are protected from sleeping or hibernating to maintain this coverage.Whether you have 10 subnets or 10,000 your administrative overhead is still nothing.

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